Removal of Unwanted Blood Vessels

We offer two methods to treat unwanted blood vessels and veins depending on location and severity: Sclerotherapy and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution into spider or varicose veins with a very fine needle to cause inflammation and collapse. Once the vein has collapsed, no blood can re-enter and the vein is absorbed by the body's natural responses.

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What causes spider veins to be visible?

These unwanted blood vessels often occur as an inherited tendency, and may be part of the aging process. Long periods of standing or sitting, trauma to the leg (leg veins) from blows or falls, pregnancy, birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy are all factors that can be involved. Exercise and normal weight maintenance may help prevent the development of spider veins.

Is Sclerotherapy safe?

Sclerotherapy is a safe procedure with few significant risks. Less than 5% of patients experience even minor adverse effects. The most common complication is the development of brownish pigment in the treated area, similar to a freckle, which usually disappears within two to six months. If the veins are unusually weak, there may be some temporary bruising around the injection site. Patients may develop a tiny scab at the injection site if any of the solution escapes from the blood vessels. The scab is treated with an antibiotic ointment until it clears. There is little risk of infection or bleeding from Sclerotherapy. Furthermore, sclerotherapy is not bad for your circulation. The treatment eliminates veins that are no longer useful, eliminating pain and improving the cosmetic appearance.

How many treatments sessions are needed?

The number of treatments required will depend on the severity of the condition and the extent of improvement desired. Sclerotherapy requires 15 to 30 minutes. Usually, the veins nearly disappear immediately. A few days after the treatment, once the swelling goes down, the results appear even better. Most patients can expect a 50 to 90 percent improvement after several treatments. To guarantee success and counteract the appearance of new spider veins, touch-up treatments may be required every year or so. The majority of veins can be treated in one session, however, the treatment can be broken down into multiple sessions (1 - 4 weeks apart) if the patient desires.

What happens after the procedure?

After the procedure, the patient returns home wearing a pressure dressing and/or pressure hosiery to prevent post-injection bleeding, as well as to promote healing. There are no restrictions. You can exercise, work, etc. as normal. Patients are encouraged to walk immediately after the procedure. A healing interval (typically one month) must pass before you have another series of injections in the same site. After each treatment, you will notice further improvement of your appearance.

What are vascular IPL treatments?

Vascular lesions, or blood vessels, are lesions most commonly found on the facial area, especially on or around the nose. We use have been very successful in the treatment of these lesions with Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

How does vascular IPL work?

IPL works well on broken blood vessels because the visible components of blood absorb the energy of the light. When this occurs, the vessels, which make up the lesion blanche and disappear.


What is the recovery like?

Basically, there is no down-time. You will be red in the area immediately after the procedure, which disappears in the first day on most patients. Some may experience slight scabbing or crusting in the area treated. In some cases the result is immediate while others take place over time. More than one treatment may be required.

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